Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Malaysian LALA Bully Girls Behaving Badly On Video

I dunno what to say but u have to look at all these LALAs....n jz wanna tell u guys again.My race not my type...

If u recognize any of them(where it wont happened cuz i dun hv lala frenz)Please call dem to get a mirror.

Monday, July 20, 2009

To Someone...

I gonna start with I am officially over a girl that i liked for years.Most of my friends will be happy because I've finally done it!!!YAY!!!You guys gonna hook me up rite?

Well,for that 'someone' i seriously don't know what to say.I had enough of everything,I don't know I'm paranoid or whatever shit.I just feel that you're dragging me around here and there.Maybe you'll be furious after u fin reading this post,but I'm not writing this to piss you off but to understand my feeling.All ffk incidents just give me a feeling that you never give a dam bout what you promised,plus i always ask you the same question and what i gt is the same answer.

Anyway if you're reading this post,i gonna keep your 'property' for a moment because i don't know is it worth to lend money from my friends to buy you something.Well bros!I'm a free guy again!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Upon Request...

Today the main thing in this topic is a girl name called Felicia,I think most of you living beings out thr know her.

Let's start with her appearance..
1.Long hair
2.well huge eyes?
bla bla bla.....

1.talkative?comment from someone.
2.artistic...that's really true...
3.sometimes super active n sometimes super draggy.
4.a lot more mature compare to Janice.no offence HAHAHAHA!
bla bla bla.....

Well to me she's a really nice girl to talk to.Can tell her anything *this statement is under consideration*,but yea she's a nice girl~.i cant find 1 of her picture.I tink she's extremely cute in that picture.

Oh!She got a blog also...sunshineinnocence.blogspot.com,Dun get mad!im trying to make more people to know you.Anyway gtg nw...it's 1 a.m.,DOTA TIME!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back for a moment....

Ok i gonna start with my new sem....with all the new practical subs,we will be having 4 practical subjects which culinary design,international cooking,butchery 2 and patisserie 2.

International cooking and culinary design look quite 'tempting'.Nothing much in this post actually.

There's a few photos Jason Big captured during our culinary design class.

Look at arif's face.Pretty face.

Lecturer's punya...

Group photo for us and 'hardwork'

1st week project!

Ok i think dat's all,lazy to type....Ciaoz~

Monday, February 9, 2009

Helping Friend....

Well my friend is selling off his liquor collection....below is the list and the price he is selling off.....

Price list as below:

Chivas Regas 18 year 750ml RM 230

Hennessy V.S.O.P 1litre RM 150

Martel Cordon Bleu 1litre RM 450

Johnnie Walker Swing 750ml RM 140

Johnnie Walker Green Label 1ltre RM 120

Johnnie Walker The Collector RM 400

Ultimat Vodka 750ml RM 160

Level Vodkal 1litre RM 160

Peller Estates: Ice Cuvee 750ml RM 150

First Frost Wine 500ml RM 200

Montmartre XO special 70cl RM 100

Paradise Ranch Icewine 375ml RM 200
Domaine Pinnacle Ice Apple Wine 375ml RM 200
Magnotta Vidal Icewine 375ml RM 250
Strewn Icewine 375 RM 250

Please inform me if u're interested or add my hotmail:anthony_yd@hotmail.com.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tagged by FiFi~~~

The Rules:

1. Take picture of yourself at this instant

2. Don't change your clothes, Don't fix your hair. Just take a picture

3. Post the picture taken with NO EDITING

4. Post your picture with the instructions

5. Tag 5 people
2.Fiona Beh

I knw it's kinda blur...well webcam prob..

Monday, January 5, 2009


OK i ditched this blog long enough cuz i've ntg to update except my sheesha session....other den that im 'dead'....

Pablo Francisco

Russell Peters

Eddie Izzard

zzzz....well dat's all for dis...cioz....'admire u'